— Hand-sewn one-of-a-kind sun hats crafted by Santa Maria artisans to create beautiful, eye-catching works of art that embody the spirit of Mexico —
— Hermosos! It's just like you to wear something so bright and colorful. Best for expressing your creativity, colors and beauty on any occasion —

Pueblo Mágico

Preserving Traditions

Warm, pink polka-dotted hats piled all over her head like a crumbled birthday cake - that's how the people of Santa Maria del Rio welcome you. Their craftsmanship reigns supreme in this "cradle" for all things worn on one's head.

The city’s artisans have been crafting iconic creations for centuries with precision and care to meet any needs from traditional Mexican markets to trendy boutiques in New York City.

Santa Maria del Rio

The town known as “the cradle of the rebozo”